My Story



GAAB Designs is my passion born out of the desire to create gorgeous clothing to adorn fabulous women. 

Located in the coastal region of Northern NSW, where I create my fabric designs and styles, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful colours of our local beaches and hinterland areas together with wonderful memories of amazing and diverse scenes and experiences in far and away places.



It all starts with a drawing of lines and shapes which are then hand carved into a copper stamp approximately 19cm square. This stamp is then used to block print my beautiful natural fabrics. I experiment with colours working very closely with my printer to achieve the perfect combination of colour, tone and depth to create the vision that has inspired me for each and every print. The entire printing process is from days gone by and rarely used now in this day and age of mass production. Whilst it makes the printing a very slow process the result is unique and no two garments are alike.  I love this. 🥰

Each print has my unique yet subtle mark on it making it unmistakably a GAAB Design print.



My exclusive limited edition prints are then made into beautiful garments. I work closely with my tailor and seamstresses to perfect each style I have created. Many of my styles are trans-seasonal allowing for the ultimate in versatility by simply changing accessories as well as being lived in and loved year after year.



Both my printer and tailor are small businesses in Indonesia that I have known and evolved with for many years.

Production is created in not just a factory but with families.

I am committed to transparency and support only fair working conditions.

These family businesses employ local community members to work within their socially compliant factory.



I generally create only two seasons a year as each season from beginning to end takes approximately four months to complete.  For this reason I do not mass produce and all my styles are limited editions.

My vision behind what I create is to bring to life a product which empowers women to feel fearlessly beautiful no matter what their shape or size.

My garments are designed for the woman who wants to feel and look like the beautiful individual that she is.

Brenda 💚