Garment Sizing


Measurements for each of my styles are provided in each listing.

Always take the time to compare these with your own measurements. Standard fittings are not what they used to be.


I advise anyone purchasing clothing online to invest in a cheap tape measure. They are only a couple of dollars at a variety store.

Take your measurements and write them down. Most often used are bust, waist, hips and length from top of shoulder to lowest hem point of garment.

There are times when I also provide sleeve circumference and length where applicable.

Measurements are provided for each size. It is always best to check those measurements against your own rather than just look at the sizing as this is only a broad guide. Always make sure that there is an extra 3-4cm approx more in the garment compared to your own for comfort. 


These days there are many variations out there in sizing as different manufacturers create their own sizing brackets. These are all within a few centimetres of each other but this can mean you may jump from one size to another in different brands. I am sure you have noticed this.

The other thing to remember is that we are all different shapes within our size brackets, for example, you may fall into a size 14  bracket but if you have a large bust you may need to move into the next size bracket. This is why it is so important to check your measurements against those that I provide for each garment. 

It is always safest to go by the actual measurements of the garment and compare these to your own.  My sizing is broken down compared to the SIZING GUIDE shown on each listing and is as close to standard as can be. This is there to assist you in making the right size decision. If in doubt I am here to help.

All my fabrics are pre-shrunk before making the garments so there is no shrinkage. 

I do give little hints on each garment as to the fit of that style and also provide our model details for an extra comparison.

Remember that there are many different styles and cuts in garments which will affect how it fits your unique body shape. You should also consider this.

If in doubt, I am always here to help. 

I am happy for you to exchange for another size in case you get it wrong.

SHRUGS: My shrugs are super stretchy and are designed to fit a size 8-18

KNITWEAR: Most of my knitwear is multi sizing.